honeymoon safaris

Honey Moon Safaris in Uganda

Honey Moon Safaris in Uganda The name Uganda creates imaginations of lovey-dovey images marked by unspoiled wilderness as well as incredible wildlife. Nowhere in the Continent will visitors create…

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gorilla holding a fern

Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

The Republic of Rwanda is an exceedingly lovely country found in the heart of East Africa. This tiny country holds guards one of the few earth's rare treasures which place great responsibility of it…

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gorilla hanging to a branch

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Rwanda & D.R. Congo

Gorilla trekking is one the epitome of African tour activities on the continent. This activity is so prized and envied by both resident and international guests due to the significance it holds.…

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safari clients tracking gorillas

Family Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is known universally as the pearl of Africa and this came as a result of the beautiful attractions as discovered by Sir Winston Churchill. This means that there is a lot to explore while on a…

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a group of monkeys

Golden Monkey Safaris in Uganda

Golden Monkey safaris in Uganda offer the opportunity to venture into the bamboo forest of the country’s smallest National Park to search for the endangered and frisky golden-colored primates in…

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safari in uganda

Budget Safaris in Uganda

No experiences beats the feeling of rising up to the sound of a roaring lion at a distance or becoming up-close with the herds of Cape buffaloes, elephants or antelopes through Uganda’s wilderness.…

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baby gorilla peeping through tree branches

Last Minute Gorilla Trekking

Booking for a last minute gorilla trekking like other normal gorilla safaris has its own challenges. Traveling to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo for last minute gorilla trekking is possible and presents…

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approaching gorilla

Luxury Gorilla Trekking

Visitors that book luxury gorilla trekking tours are offered with nothing short of magical, with once-in-a-lifetime experience of getting up-close with the endangered mountain gorillas in their…

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gorilla habituation experience

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Unforgettable link deep within the continent of Africa's lush foggy untouched nature. Get surrounded by trees, fix your gaze on the colossal creatures, listen to the sweet sounds, and take a deep…

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young gorilla patching on a tree branch

DR Congo Gorilla Tours

Consider this virgin destination for your next African vacation. D.R. Congo provides a unique opportunity to see two gorilla species at the same time. These are Eastern lowland gorillas and the…

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group tours uganda

Group Tours in Uganda

Traveling as a group is one guaranteed way to avoid spending excessively on travel; any number of days may be done without fear of getting costly. "One who goes alone goes fast," but "those who go…

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rwanda cultural dance

Group Safaris in Rwanda

There is a lot to explore on your Rwanda Safari and this is because of the diverse wildlife, beautiful scenery and the rich Rwandan culture. Everyone wants to travel to discover what is not in their…

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gorilla tracking

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Visiting Rwanda is a journey worth million smiles, with endless possibilities of encountering the beautiful creatures of East-Central Africa through Rwanda Gorilla Tours. We bring you information on…

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